Zero Waste Month 2017: “On the Road to Zero Waste”

2017 Petitions

Zero Waste Youth Caravan 2017, in celebration of the Zero Waste Month:

“Call for a National Ban on Plastic Bags”

We, the undersigned, belonging to the youth sector who are deeply concerned with the dismal state of the environment, urge our lawmakers to pass a national bill to ban plastic bags. Plastic waste not only pollute the environment; they also pose health risks to humans and kill marine lives. Current estimates indicate that unless we act and change now, there would be more plastic than fish in our seas and oceans by 2050. A national ban on the use of plastic bags complemented by a serious promotion of eco-friendly and reusable alternatives will significantly reduce the volume of plastic waste that we consume and throw away. Let us work toward a healthier and cleaner Philippines.


Let us #breakfreefromplastic bags!

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